Welcome to the Australian Poetry Centre. This website is an archive of our programs 2007-2010. Australian Poetry (AP) launched 2011 as a merger between APC and NSW Poets Union. The peak industry body for poetry in this country, promoting and supporting Australian poets and poetry.

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Bones by Walter de la Mare
Said Mr. Smith, “I really cannot
Tell you, Dr. Jones—
The most peculiar pain I’m in—
I think it’s in my bones.”

Said Dr. Jones, “Oh, Mr. Smith,
That’s nothing. Without doubt
We have a simple cure for that;
It is to take them out.”

He laid forthwith poor Mr. Smith
Close-clamped upon the table,
And, cold as stone, took out his bones
As fast as he was able.

Smith said, “Thank you, thank you, thank you,”
And wished him a good-day;
And with his parcel ‘neath his arm
He slowly moved away.