Poetry offers many benefits to readers of all ages and provides a platform to connect to the writer’s ideas and feelings.  Poems are normally compact and encourage the use of deeper meaningful vocabulary.  Many people are afraid of poetry, creating a belief that it is difficult to understand or that it will be boring.  However, here we explain why poetry is important and the advantages it brings:

Become better at public speaking.

Poetry is similar to singing, it is meant to be shared out loud, and it requires a story to be told by using expression and body language. Reading poetry out loud also encourages the reader to understand when to pause, when to add emphasis and tone in order to keep the audience engaged.   

Gain stronger vocabulary

Generally, poems are compact and force the writer to use words that are both concise and meaningful.  Instead of using the words like noisy and messy, the writer may instead choose cacophonous and disheveled.

Helps develop empathy

Poetry allows both the reader and the writer to be more in tune with their feelings and emotions.  By expressing how you feel deep inside into words enables the reader to connect, relate and truly understand to what is being told.

Encourages creative thinking

Poets often use metaphors to provide meaning; this technique encourages the reader to use imagination and look at things from a different perspective.  In addition, helps develop the use of this technique into the readers own writing.